Thomas Land at Drayton Manor

Europe’s only Thomas the Tank Engine themed land is at Drayton Manor. 3 acres of the park which used to be Robinsons Land, an aging area of kiddie rides.

Most of the rides in Robinsons Land were sold to Funland, Hayling Island, in fact the Super Dragon roller coaster ran for a while still branded as Drayton Manor.

The area was cleared during the end of 2007 and in 2008 Thomas Land threw open its gates to welcome kids of all ages to come and meet the characters they knew and love.

The small area packs in thirteen rides and attractions along with a large shop selling Thomas the Tank Engine merchandise and a small café. It is all of very high quality and completely immersive.


However good Thomas Land is at Drayton Manor, people always find something to find fault with. Although it has a lot going for it, some people say that it does not stay true to the original TV series by using Diesel powered engines for Thomas and the other trains instead of Steam. Although the diesel engines do sound a little out of place, you can understand that it was cheaper to get this over a steam engine and maintenance and running costs are lower.

Flat Rides


Tower Rides

Tracked Rides


Photos of Thomas Land